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The SCORE Portal® provides residents and training programs with high-quality educational materials and a structured program for self-learning. SCORE focuses on all areas of general surgery and related specialties as well as fellowship-level content. The Portal is aligned with the SCORE Curriculum Outline, a list of topics to be covered in a five-year general surgery residency. SCORE also provides curriculum outlines in pediatric surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, surgical critical care, surgical oncology, and vascular surgery.


Quick Access to Learning Resources

More than 950 module topics covering all six competency areas

This Week in SCORE (TWIS) - a topic of the week program

Chapters from 16 leading surgical textbooks

3800+ multiple-choice questions for resident self-assessment

230+ narrated operative videos

140+ SCORE School webinars


80+ anatomical illustrations


This Week in SCORE General Surgery Curriculum

A subscription to the SCORE Portal includes access to This Week in SCORE (TWIS) — a sequence of suggested topics over a two-year cycle. TWIS schedules can also be adjusted based on individual program schedules. Each week a new topic is featured, along with the related modules and a new 10-question quiz. TWIS provides a systematic way for users to cover the portal's content. Residents and training programs are able to track performance on the quizzes, including on individual quiz questions.

TWIS may be used by training programs for didactic conference planning or by residents to create self-study plans. There are also four weeks "off" per year, to allow time for catching up or individual review. Training programs also have the option of editing the TWIS schedule to create their own custom topic schedule.

SCORE Module Topics

Modules on the SCORE Portal contain:

Learning objectives with detailed content: written by surgical faculty with direct links to related resources

Discussion Questions: open-ended questions to allow residents to assess their understanding of the topic

Text Resources and Videos: textbook chapters, practice guidelines, procedure guidelines, and operative videos

Self-Assessment Quizzes: answer multiple-choice questions on that topic and view your score

Trainees can also mark modules as complete and track their progress over the course of their residency. Program administrators and faculty can assign modules and/or resources and view reports on residents' progress by category, module, PGY level or resident.

Self-Assessment Questions

More than 3,800 multiple-choice questions are available to help residents assess their knowledge. Users can create custom quizzes to test their knowledge in one or several areas. Correct and incorrect answers are provided along with explanations and references. Based on the user's quiz history, SCORE resources are then suggested for further review. Residents also have the ability to filter questions based on their specialty. 


Benefits of Using the SCORE Portal

The SCORE Portal is a comprehensive online resource that facilitates surgical education at all stages of training.

Residents can use the portal to:

  • Prepare for operative cases
  • Prepare for weekly conferences and other events
  • Improve their fund of knowledge about patient care
  • Learn about topics not emphasized in their current curriculum
  • Build their own self-study/learning plan
  • Study for exams

Programs can use the portal to:

  • Assign modules or other SCORE resources in preparation for weekly conferences or other events
  • Use TWIS and other resources to cover conditions not typically seen at their institution
  • Incorporate materials from the website into presentations and face-to-face teaching
  • Use the open-ended discussion questions as the basis for discussion in group teaching sessions
  • Create rotation-based curricula through TWIS or with other SCORE resources


Technical Requirements:

  • Best with latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome (Internet Explorer not recommended) 
  • JavaScript enabled for optimal experience

SCORE® is a registered trademark of the Surgical Council on Resident Education Inc.